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Expat & Transitions

Working with globally mobile individuals going through career change, whether international or not, as many of the themes, challenges and solutions that impact expats are similar to those of non-expats going through career transitions. Many of the career change issues are linked to leading a globally mobile life.


Expat Coaching can be of help if:

As an expat not only are you faced with new challenges in terms of cultural integration, role assumption, new responsibilities, but you must also deal with multicultural teams, dual career problems and family care.

Surveys show that these are the primary reasons for refusing a foreign assignment, and the main reason why expatriation fails.

To help you successfully overcome these challenges we offer customized support to all your expat career needs.


If you are asking yourself one or more of the above questions, you probably are at a transition point in your life. A point, where you have left or about to leave the familiarity of a job, career or even a country, yet you haven’t arrived at the “other side”. Coaching in these situation can support you in finding clarity and solutions to support you in your journey forward.

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