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Our Services

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We at Rappstone Coaching provide affordable professional coaching services to all people to enhance and grow their career and life satisfaction. We believe that as long as we move forward we are building and growing towards the person we want to become and the goals we want to achieve. We will work together with you, to move you forward.

The Coaching Process

Coaching conversations are not inexplicable or difficult, they simply involve:

  • A person who listens more deeply without giving direction or advice
  • Trusting that every person is competent, capable, creative, and resourceful in finding their own path forward
  • Creating a trustworthy space for people to express themselves
  • Asking questions that inspire new thinking and options
  • Uncovering the limiting perspective that is shaping our thinking and behavior
  • Observing our own thinking or having it reflected back to us
  • Gaining new levels of clarity that will lead to successful actions
  • Partnering with another person, because no matter how good we are alone, we are better working within a supportive relationship

We will work together with you, to move you forward.

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Strong Start

2 hours
Pre-coaching Conversation
1 coaching session
Free Email/WhatsApp Support

Bold Steps

4 hours
Pre-coaching Conversation
3 coaching sessions
Free Email/WhatsApp Support

Big Leap

7 hours
Pre-coaching Conversation
6 coaching sessions
Free Email/WhatsApp Support