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Our mission is to provide affordable professional coaching to grow your career and enhance your life satisfaction.

We are a team of dedicated certified coaches with established backgrounds in, psychology, business development, and executive leadership, with over 50 years of combined work experience in Asia, Europe, and the US. It is our unique set of skills and experiences that we bring to each and every client, no matter where you are or what you do. We are here for you.

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What does Rappstone Professional Coaching offer

Mental Fitness Training

Increase your effectiveness, happiness and self-command through mental fitness training.

Woman Up!

Our Women in Business program is designed to cater to the unique needs and challenges of different types of women.

Executive Leadership

Evaluate and improve your leadership capabilities and strategies to accomplish your goals.

Business Development

Support you in planning and developing the critical success factors of your business or department.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is an individually customized process in which every conversation is designed to raise your awareness, maximize your unique strengths. It also provides you with tools and strategies to achieve your desired results and to help you transform or minimize unproductive behavior or thought patterns.

The Coaching Process typically starts with crystalizing of your current situation, your needs, and your wants. You will use your newfound clarity to create specific, measurable, and achievable goals, and together with your coach, you co-create an action plan to move towards your goals and even deeper, towards your true passion.

Along the way, you and your coach will review your progress, adjust your plan as needed, and celebrate the achievement of your milestones. You will redefine setbacks as ‘failing forward’ and as opportunities for growth; and deepen accountability and motivation as you accelerate on your journey towards your life goals.


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Coaching sessions are typically conducted via video-conference using software tools such as FaceTime, Zoom, MS Teams or Google Meet. This allows you to engage with your coach wherever you are located worldwide from the comfort of your home or office.

Contact us to learn more about our coaching packages.

Strong Start

2 Hours
  • Pre-coaching Conversation
  • 1 coaching session
  • Free Email/WhatsApp Support

Bold Steps

4 Hours
  • Pre-coaching Conversation
  • 3 coaching session
  • Free Email/WhatsApp Support

Big Leap

7 Hours
  • Pre-coaching Conversation
  • 6 coaching session
  • Free Email/WhatsApp Support

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What our clients say about us
I feel privileged to have Birgit as my coach. I was at a crossroad in my life and I was not happy privately and professionally, having returned home after living abroad for 12 years. Birgit asks the right questions and has led me to very solid decisions – decisions that I would have never anticipated. Now I know what is truly important in my life and also professionally. With every talk she initiated my courage to make changes, embrace them and move forward by making choices that benefit me. Birgit has been an exemplary professional coach. She showed genuine interest in my life and professional situation and her support was vital for my decisions. I´m grateful for having found her, she is a real gem.
- Marion Englert
Freelance Consultant Communications, Marketing & Events
I was really surprised how I could come to my own solution through the way Birgit was asking questions to brighten the situation. Never thought of this positive impact coaching can have!
- Nadia
Senior Project Manager
I really enjoyed working with Liad! She is professional yet personable and a very good listener. Her line of questioning helped me lay out my overall career goals and break down those goals into smaller, more immediately actionable items.
- Client
Tech Industry
When a doctor uses an ultrasound machine, she gently and non-invasively makes the hidden – that what lies within – visible. And just like that, issues may become detectable and solutions can be determined. Birgit’s gentle, sensitive and empathetic coaching sessions work in similar ways. Her guiding questions promote reflection and facilitate new perceptions which pave the way for new perspectives and opportunities to move forward. Our coaching sessions quickly made me see things from new angles and gain new in insights about myself which increased my inner balance. And on top of that, they gave me a feeling of empowerment, as it was me who – led by Birgit’s insightful and skilled guidance – discovered my own solutions. What a great experience!
- Client
Educational Consultant
I have been fortunate to have Ken as my coach. Ken’s coaching on positive intelligence provided me with the guidance on how to solution challenging issues and resolve them with a positive mindset. It wasn’t just theoretical but practical approach based on the regular cadence of exercises and 1:1 follow ups. The impact was quite impressive: I was able to identify/leverage my strengths, focusing on what we can learn from handling difficult situations. It then led to applying those leanings to deliver better results and discovering a better me. It was truly a turning point in my career. Thank you once again Ken and look forward to working with your further.
- Inna
Executive at Financial Company

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.”

Lao Tse