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Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership Coaching is about partnering with you to define your goals as a leader and shaping your leadership style in a way that is both authentic to you and highly effective.

There are over 50,000 books currently sold by Amazon that have the word “leadership” in the title. There are certainly some terrific principles and ideas in these books that can help any leader. However, Rappstone’s Executive Coaching approach is different in that it is completely customized to the individual.

Every leader will have their own specific set of challenges and goals. Some individuals may have just taken on new leadership roles or some may have just became a leader for the first time. Our tailored coaching process addresses the specific challenges and goals that are important to you. Even for new leaders or aspiring leaders, we offer a more comprehensive multi-step program that leverages the strengths and unique characteristics of the individuals in developing a highly effective and truly authentic leader.

C-suite Management

This program is geared towards individuals operating at the highest levels of their organization who are looking for a performance edge or to achieve an important personal or professional objective that will unlock their potential.

The 1-2-1 Coaching sessions follow the International Coaching Federation standards, and employ a myriad of other complementary coaching techniques, such as Positive Intelligence, that are tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Executive Management

This program focuses on Executives who are seeking a step-change in enhancing their effectiveness. There are two tracks:

1) Self-directed track – the objectives, action plan and execution is led by the Client and supported by the Coach.;

2) Co-created track – the objectives, action plan and execution are jointly developed in a deliberate manner to achieve the aspirations of the Client, including pivoting where needed to achieve the desired results.

Leadership Development

The purpose of this program is to support the rapid development of the next generation of young talent who have ambitions to swiftly progress within their organization. The Coaching techniques employed include a detailed diagnostic of the ambition, vision and capabilities of the client relative to their goals. This assessment is then supported and operationalized through strategic roadmaps and action-accountability plans to aid execution.

Team Leadership

In many situations, goals and objectives are achieved by a team of individuals. Team Leadership coaching is holistic in that it focuses on both the individual members of the team as well as the ‘Team’ itself. The goal of the Coaching sessions is to maximize the effectiveness of the Team and position the Team optimally for success.

The coaching approach employed includes Team coaching sessions to align the team on its ambitions, current and desired capabilities and execution plan. This is augmented by 1-2-1 coaching of individual team members to support them in addressing their personal challenges in achieving the team’s goals.

Rappstone believes in the capabilities and potential of their clients. Our job is to help you engage, harness and develop into the leader that you want to be.
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