Executive & Leadership

Executive & Leadership

It’s a flexible and tailor-made service aimed at making you a successful leader, allowing you to become fully aware of your resources and capabilities and to apply them the bests way possible to reach and exceed your objectives. The Executive Coach will be working alongside you to support you in achieving your goals, to accomplish excellence in your life, both personally and professionally.

When is it suitable

  • Time-management difficulties
  • Leadership development
  • Performance improvement
  • Work-Life balance
  • Support of talent and professional growth
  • Challenging situations involving change and high stress levels


The Executive Coach will partner with you to make the best use of your resources and improve your goal attainment focus and support you in creating a strong motivation to explore your own ideas, plans and solutions.

What to expect from Executive & Leadership Coaching:

Coaching doesn’t offer solutions, it facilitates changes. Your coach will illuminate competently processes that support your own journey from the current state to the desired one in the shortest possible time, effectively and lastingly. Your coach offers active support to make sure that you yourself effectively manage the situation which you are aiming to solve. This approach places the you as the individual at the center of the scene, and all the results you will be able to achieve are attributed to your commitment and choices.
Coaching widens the range of possible options and puts you as the client in the best conditions to make the right choices for yourself.

Your coach also guarantees absolute confidentiality and trust, two characteristics that allows the coaching process to happen and perceived as fundamental by clients.

Coaching skills for managers

The Executive Coach provides important support to the Manager you are aspire to be, receiving insight into Coaching tools, helping you to develop the coaching skills that are essential to efficiently motivate employees and to achieve excellent results within the team you lead:

  • Develop the ability to provide effective feedback
  • Improve interpersonal communication
  • Manage conflicts and negotiate difficult situations
  • Increase motivation and team building skills
  • Acquire the ability to enable employees to set clear goals